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Kirk supports the protection of the right to privacy and personal autonomy in all matters of reproductive health and family planning. Kansans deserve access to the highest standard of medical care in their reproductive health choices.


He will work to expand Medicaid which will result in economic growth as well as expand coverage, protect access to care and help control health insurance costs for a healthier Kansas. 


Kirk will support policies and services to improve the quality of life for disabled Kansans.


He will also support policies that will protect Kansas foster children by improving and adequately funding the foster care system.


Kirk believes it is important to preserve and protect marriage for LQBTQIA+ Kansans.


Kirk will vote to end the Kansas Food Sales Tax NOW. 


Kirk will support policies that will secure a liveable wage for ALL Kansans.


He will back policies to support small business ownership and encourage Kansas entrepreneurs.


He will advocate for property tax incentives and hold the legislature accountable for returning state sales tax revenue to the counties and municipalities from the state’s Local Ad Valorem Tax Reduction Fund.


Kirk will work to restore due process rights for Kansas teachers. 


He will vote to fully fund special education.


Kirk will support policies that empower teachers in order to retain our teachers.


Protect schools with red-flag laws


Invest in post-secondary education

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